SWMI DSA Urge Kalamazoo City to Pass ‘Medicare for All’ Proclamation

KALAMAZOO, MI – The Southwest Michigan Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (SWMI DSA) are urging the Kalamazoo City Commission to support a proclamation in favor of Medicare for All and to work for healthcare justice in Kalamazoo.

Medicare for All is a program to make healthcare a right, not a privilege. It’s associated legislation, The Medicare for All Act of 2021 will create a single health insurance program providing equal access to care. Free at the point of service, it will provide universal coverage to citizens and residents. The comprehensive coverage includes dental, vision, mental health and pharmaceuticals. It also provides a job program for those affected by the transition to government-run healthcare.

A spokesperson for SWMI DSA said: “The current healthcare system is unfit for purpose and leaves thousands in our community uninsured or unable to receive medical care. Those with coverage are almost always paying more for less when compared to other developed countries around the world. We’re asking our city leaders to stand up for the working people in Kalamazoo and work to pass this legislation.”

In 2020, a similar proclamation was passed by the Kalamazoo County Commission after a successful campaign led by activists from SWMI DSA. It is part of a wider trend of local governments passing proclamations and resolutions in support of Medicare for All across the country.

A petition in support of passing a Medicare for All proclamation can be signed online. Similarly, throughout this summer SWMI DSA is planning to host canvassing events throughout Southwest Michigan in support of the historic legislation. Activists wishing to join SWMI DSA at one of these events can find out more at swmi.com/events. The Chapter will also host education events for people to learn more about Medicare for All and the organization.