“Garden of Hope” Grows Community Partnerships

The eco-socialism working group is supporting Kalamazoo Northside community organization Mothers of Hope in helping to construct a brand new “Garden of Hope” on their premises. The garden’s nine raised beds full of soil and vegetables will support MoH’s established programs, which aim to empower women and families combating substance abuse and other systemic inequalities in our community.

Our team, coordinated by SWMI DSA members and driven by Mothers of Hope leaders including garden guru Dovona Ware-harris, also includes green-thumbed wizards like our own treasurer Dawn Eisner. Veteran community gardeners including DSA member and eco-socialism chair David Benac and Don Jones of Ministry with Community have lent their experience, expertise, and energy to the project. All involved are extremely optimistic that the Garden of Hope will be a great success.

Fundraising for the project is underway, and our initial round has brought in just over $1000 out of a planned $3000.

Every little bit helps, and we encourage DSA members and allies to contribute via our PayPal here: paypal.me/SWMIDSA (please include “garden” in the memo section). We are also accepting donations in kind of garden tools and supplies to initiate and sustain the garden.

Thinking about joining our working group? Please do! We are building community and credibility through mutual aid and a focus on environmental justice for our community and for our planet. Join us, and be amazed that one group can be accurately described as both “the spectre fueling the nightmares of the capitalist exploiters, the wrench in the dread machine of environmental injustice” and “yeah no, actually chill as hell, dude.”

Written by Tyler W – SWMI DSA Member