South West Michigan DSA Endorses ‘Homes For All’ Millage

KALAMAZOO,MI – Southwest Michigan DSA, the official Democratic Socialists of America chapter in the region, has voted to endorse the ‘Homes For All’ millage on the ballot in the November 3rd election. The millage, appearing on ballots in Kalamazoo County, will fund affordable housing construction and rapid rehousing services. The need for affordable housing in Kalamazoo County is urgent and SWMI-DSA believes that the Homes For All millage could be a significant first step to help fulfill this need. SWMI-DSA encourages voters to vote ‘Yes’ on the Kalamazoo County Housing Proposal found on the ballot.

However, the SWMI-DSA also believes that this millage does not nearly do enough to fulfill the growing need for affordable housing in Kalamazoo County.

In just one concerning example, the Kalamazoo County Public Housing Commision states in it’s July 2020 Millage plan that ‘County landlords and developers will be important partners in this endeavor’. On the precipice of an historic homelessness and economic crisis it is unconscionable that private profit will be made from publicly funded housing.

SWMI-DSA will be mobilizing it’s membership and canvassing Kalamazoo County in support of the Home For All millage in the weeks leading up to the election. However, SWMI-DSA will also be gathering signatures in a petition demanding the funds be used for residents with the greatest housing needs that can be signed online.

In solidarity with the working class of Kalamazoo County, SWMI-DSA will maintain an interest in this millage after it passes and will work to ensure it serves the people and not private profit. As a chapter of the biggest democratic-socialist organization in the United States, we believe that housing is a human right. The current housing crisis has been caused by rampant capitalism. The solutions to this crisis, both locally and nationally, must meet human needs and not profit.

SWMI-DSA invites its members and the public to take part in our upcoming November General Meetings where the organizations next steps of the ‘Homes For All Millage’ will be discussed. More information on this event, taking place on Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm and can be found at this RSVP link.

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