Southwest Michigan DSA endorsed ‘Homes For All’ Millage Passes

Kalamazoo, MI – The ‘Homes For All’ millage, endorsed by Southwest Michigan DSA, was passed with almost 67,000 votes in Tuesday’s election. The millage will fund affordable housing construction and rapid rehousing services in Kalamazoo County.

SWMI DSA will continue to campaign and demand that the funds are used to help the people of Kalamazoo County, not to line the pockets of landlords and developers. Housing is a human right, and with our community on the precipice of a historic housing crisis, profit cannot be a factor in the response. You can sign a SWMI DSA-lead petition demanding this online.

The passing of the ‘Homes For All’ millage in Kalamazoo County was part of a wider trend of successful DSA-backed ballot measures and candidates during this election. While across the country both parties continued to offer working people nothing, these independent grassroots measures found success in both red and blue states. As Democratic Socialists we understand that power lies with the people, not with the political parties who represent monied interests.
We invite all members of the public to take part in our upcoming ‘SWMI DSA Post-Election Town Hall’. At this event we will discuss the next steps of the ‘Homes of All’ millage as well as other local issues. More information on this event, taking place on Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm, can be found at this RSVP link.

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