Why I Fight for Medicare for All

Having worked over 30 years in the medical field I have observed much…much pain, much suffering, and much inequality in care.  I myself was abused by the system when my son was stricken with a seizure.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Administration, and 5 years of college healthcare teaching under my belt, I could not decipher the bills. The costs just about took everything I owned and put me deep in debt which caused constant stress and deprivation for my son. 

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How many people has the system destroyed?

Medicare for All is the Answer.  The solution seems obvious, and yet this country continues to close our eyes and ears to this possibility.  Together, we can make a stand and change this atrocious cruelty.  I was honored to rally in front of Fred Uptons’ office and help show this nation how many people agree on this fact; healthcare should be a right. I am honored to be instrumental in extending our SWMIDSA organization to Berrien County and also had Therese by my side from Van Buren County.  Joining people with like thoughts and passions. It is very exciting to help inspire other people to join the fight.   At the rally I met the organizer for Northern Indiana’s DSA, and several other people very dedicated to Medicare for All. Change is in the air.

Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship to have healthcare coverage?  Even a dangerous one?  Have you ever had to choose between groceries or medication?  Paying a bill or providing medication to a loved one?  Struggled to access long term care for a family member?  How would your life change with guaranteed health coverage?

Come join us in our fight for what is right!  

In Solidarity,

LuAnn P, B.S., R.M.A.