KALAMAZOO,MI – Southwest Michigan Democratic Socialists of America (SWMI DSA) are urging local politicians to join us and the majority of working class Americas, in supporting the passing of the Medicare For All Act of 2021.

The Medicare for All Act of 2021 is scheduled to be introduced into the US House by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal next Wednesday, March 17th. The date marks one year since COVID-19 was reported in all 50 States and D.C. and the preventable deaths of over a half million of our working class families.

Healthcare is a human right. Americans pay more for healthcare than any country in the world yet we have the highest infant mortality rate and the lowest life expectancy of ‘rich’ countries. Billions are wasted in a bloated corporate bureaucracy that rewards highly paid CEOs and administrators and exploits patients, doctors and support staff. Healthcare should be about healing the sick, not giveaways to the rich.

We are calling on supporters for Medicare for All, to join us in demanding that Representative Fred Upton (R MI-06) support this historic legislation that will lift the financial burden of seeking basic healthcare for millions of Americans.

SWMI DSA are organizing rallies outside of Upton’s offices, on Wednesday March 17 in support for Medicare for All. The two rallies, from 4:30pm – 6pm, will take place at 350 E. Michigan Ave in Kalamazoo and 720 Main Street in St. Joseph.

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All those who support the fight for healthcare justice are invited to join us at these events and our Medicare for All organizing throughout South West Michigan. The Medicare For All Act of 2021 establishes healthcare as a human right; cradle to grave comprehensive health care for all, no premiums, no copays, no deductibles and includes prescription drugs!

More information about SWMI DSA and Medicare for All can be found at https://swmidsa.com/m4a/.

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